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Would you be amazed, or merely interested to discover exactly how much he and I have in common? From games and music, to food … you name it, we probably will agree that we like it, or both of us won’t.

And then our personalities match so well too. We are both vibrant, fun-loving people, with a sense of humour. We’re both friendly, and don’t do well in large crowd, or party, situations. On a less positive note, both of us seem to have issues with self confidence, or dealing with conflict.

I went through the whole range of emotions with him yesterday. From wanting what I could not have, to deep-seated affection, to realizing that more than anything, he needs a good friend now. Don’t get me wrong, we’re still going to have “moments”, but I am finally easy with the fact that now is not the time to act on such impulses.

A thought occurred to me last night. I am doing here, what my ex, Marc did for me when we first met. He helped get the ball rolling. Made me believe I could do something. His assistance and words of encouragement helped me out of the stagnant marsh I had created for myself and make a life for myself. I enjoyed the life I was living, sitting at home doing nothing, but how could that continue? He gave me the push I needed.

Somewhere along the line, the words faded away. Doubt started creeping in. Insecurity too.

This time will be different. A true friend is there through thick and thin. Even if you are at a point where you are comfortable with who you are, those compliments and words of encouragement should never end.