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As you noticed, this week started on a bit of a rocky note. Excuse the pun. I have a tendency to quote lyrics to suit the situation, and that last blog entry was no exception.

He stayed over for the weekend and an awesome one it was. Everything was cool, and my mind was in the right space to enjoy it for what it was – friends spending time together. Amazing how life can throw you a curve ball, though, and that fire, that was under control … just ran wild all over again.

It took a couple days for everything to sort themselves out again. I went through the whole range of emotions again and berated myself for the feelings I had for him. Then one day, I was cool again and things were good. Yesterday, I knew, again, that no matter what happened, I was going to get burnt. It’s going to happen, through no deliberate action on his part and there is not much that I can or want to do to stop it.

I’ll be seeing him later, after work. We’re going out for dinner at a place called Yankys. Yes, I have finally learned why my dog’s name is spelled differently. I wonder whether Yanky’s puppy-walking family eat at this place at all. Their food is delicious and quite reasonably priced as well, considering portion sizes.