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The last working Monday of the year… and it is finished! The way I’m feeling right now, I’d be happy if I never worked again. I am in serious need of a holiday, and I am already in holiday mode, with a week of work ahead of me.

Time has been flying lately. I didn’t think it was so long since my last blog entry. Another week, and I am off to Port Elizabeth for four weeks that have been booked since August already. The closer it gets, the more I start worrying about how Yanky will handle the flight. On one hand, he retreated indoors during a loud thunderstorm, but he behaved as if nothing was amiss when several motorbikes roared past him in unison on Saturday.

I am trying to get hold of his trainer for some advice, but already have a couple contingency plans in place. Yanky is still very treat-orientated. Show him a piece of food and I have his complete attention. Nothing can distract him.

Then, there is the halti, which works just like a halter on a horse and helps him focus on the job at hand. While it is preferred that we do not use these too often, I still keep it with me for dire situations.

Thanks to Ian, I have been working out quite a bit over the last few weeks and my muscle strength has improved significantly. I can actually go to work and push my manual wheelchair quite successfully. I think the ache that I usually have in my left shoulder is going a little as well. Maybe the muscles are getting used more and feeling better.

While Gemma won’t miss him much, Yanky and I definitely will. I don’t think there has been a weekend lately where he has not slept over. I think we are really just taking each day as it comes now and having the greatest time ever. He brings over his computer and my room looks like a bomb has hit it for the weekend.

I have given up trying to analyze things. It’s fun being with him. We both make each other feel good for different reasons and that is all that matters for now.