And what an awesome feeling it is to be back in Port Elizabeth, though I nearly did not make the trip at all.

Why not? Well, somewhere along the line, I developed a dislocated left hip. I strongly suspect that it happened when I broke my leg in December 2004. A doctor discovered it when I had x-rays done in 2008, but I didn’t do anything about it, because I was able to continue life as normal.

But something happened. I suddenly had so much pain that I could barely move. A GP said that it was a pinched nerve and gave me medication, which sorted it out … Until it happened again. Not as bad as before, but it is uncomfortable to get around and it feels like I am sitting on the bone when sitting in certain positions.

But make the trip, I did. By myself, since my stepfather’s flight was delayed from the UK. With a 2.5 year old Labrador Retriever, who I was worried would not handle the noise of a plane too well.

I need not have worried. Yanky took it all in his stride and was well behaved the whole time.

The most stressful part of his day was being introduced to an aging chihuahua who literally runs my mother’s house and has everyone doting on her. Spoiled brat. But then I love Honey too. She has the most intriguing character for a little dog and we all love her to bits.

Yanky has been on the go the whole day, while I rested for a couple hours. Now, it is time for both of us to hit the sack…