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It is not even 21:00 and I am literally ready for bed. All I need to do is take Yanky out for one last trip to the garden, then my head is going to hit that pillow like nobody’s business …

I am so sick and tired of being tired. No jokes. It’s been a series of mishaps this year, starting last year November, with a fractured pelvis.  Do not ask how it happened because I have no idea. But trust it to be on the left, where I am most comfortable sleeping.

This year has already seen me have a urinary infection, which kept me up no end, with trips to the loo. And then, something which seemed like the flu, that just left me generally lethargic and wanting to sleep. Loads of fun trying to get work done. Not.

So after my gynacologist took a high blood pressure reading a couple weeks ago, my GP took another reading today. It gave her two readings, neither of which was as high as previously. The second, on my right arm, came back normal. She does not want to take chances, though, and has prescribed medication.

Maybe now, my short fuses will improve, along with my patience levels and general energy.

At least Ian and I have sorted out our differences … Or did we? He came over yesterday and it felt like everything was forgotten. We have agreed to take it easy, maybe slow down on the dating idea … although, I’m not exactly sure of it all. All I know is that I really like having him around and life is not quite the same without him.