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Well, I sure can hope so! I fractured my left pelvis last year. A stress fracture, apparently, though I have no idea how it happened. I even went on holiday, fracture and all and lay in bed resting, while my dog, Yanky, had a better time than I. At least I was at home, with family.

Then, while on holiday, my room in Johannesburg was broken into twice. Everything that could fit through the burglar bars was stolen. Including the battery charger for my motorized wheelchair. This led to huge fun and games, trying to get a replacement charger that worked, and then, when it did work, my chair refused to take a charge. Lovely. We finally discovered that the connections were rusted and not making a proper connection.

While all of that was going on, I was unable to get out and about like usual, so Yanky just cut back on his food. He did not stop completely, just cut back drastically. Of course, I started worrying and called a vet out. Yay for traveling vets. Well, just one. He was given vitamin shots and I was assured that there was no illness and no medical reason why he had stopped eating. This was all very strange. But as soon as I was mobile again, so Yanky’s appetite returned.

The other run of foul luck has been with my health. As mentioned, the pelvic fracture. Then came the urinary infection. During the week that followed, I continued to have sinus problems and my muscles in my legs felt weak. I was convinced I had a cold, only held at bay by my nightly med lemon.

I got to the doctor yesterday and she could not see anything overly amiss. Until she checked my blood pressure. My gynecologist had checked it a couple weeks previously and found it alarmingly high. Since she was not sure if it was her machine or not, she asked me to have it checked at another doctor’s office.

Anyway, long story short, this second reading was lower than the last, but still not within normal range. My doctor thought it would also explain the stuffy feeling in my head, my constant fatigue and short temper. I have been prescribed a mild medication and already feel better. Though, I did feel tired in the afternoon, it was nothing like the last few days.

So that’s one piece of good news. The other is that I submitted a query to my medical aid to see if they would contribute towards a new manual wheelchair. I got good news today when I received an e-mail saying the amount they would cover is more than I was expecting. I have forwarded the e-mail to the supplier and hope to hear back soon.