… have been great. I am feeling so nice and relaxed right now that my luck has to be making a turn for the better.

On Thursday, I spent the day at Head Office. I was planning to meet up with a few people, but my battery power ran out. Before it did, though, we ran into a few of my blind friends and their dogs. Typically, both Yanky, and the guide dogs we saw, were overjoyed to see a new doggy face. It proved quite entertaining to keep our dogs all under control. Lucky for me, my friends said hello one at a time. I don’t think I could have handled more …

When I got home, my wheelchair did not want to charge again. I transferred into the spare and almost immediately noticed that something did not feel quite right. How much could be attributed to little battery power, I do not know.

Anyhow, that was the clincher I needed to get a new wheelchair. I went online and did some looking around. I narrowed down my choices to two local companies, since I wanted the opportunity to try the chair out, before buying, if I could.

On Friday morning, after some phoning around, I decided on the one I wanted, and, as luck would have it, they were willing to look at my current Suzuki wheelchairs, and make one 100% working chair out of the two I had.

So, within the next three weeks, I can look forward to three fully functional chairs. I say three because I am expecting to get a new manual wheelchair as well, from the medical aid.

After Ian and I got home on Friday, we had dinner, which was take aways, and just sat outside talking for hours. It felt like such a weight had been lifted from me and last thing I wanted to do was spend a wonderful clear evening indoors. This whole weekend has been so totally relaxed. I’ve been sleeping better and can only hope I have less to worry about going forward.