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Those who know me will know that I don’t actually have kids. The human kind. I will never be a mother. I am no longer physically capable and have no intention of ever adopting. I’ll make a great aunt, though. Always fun to give them back at the end of the day.

No, I’m talking about Yanky and Gemma. My furry friends who provide way more companionship than I could ever ask for.

Today, somehow, both of them succeeded in getting on my nerves.

Work today was a dead bore. My contribution to one project has been completed, and taken from my hands, and the other was shelved due to new changes that need to be documented. Technicalities. Needless to say, I’ve suddenly been left looking for more work to do. With only one long document to read, my day was as boring as hell. It was only made bearable by my wonderfully comfortable new wheelchair from Radical Mobility.

I got home and felt quite vitalized and planned on heading straight out the door, to take Yanky for a walk. Only to hit a slight problem. Gemma had left a wonderful smelly gift on my bed that should have been done somewhere discreet outside. It still looked extremely fresh and not too pleasing on a white bedspread. I scooped it into toilet paper, not seeing more on the floor and possibly riding in it, and shoved it in her face, yelling how bad she was.

I then sat on the computer for a few minutes, since it was almost dinner time and not enough time to go for that much-desired walk. When she tried to cuddle, I slapped her away, making my displeasure known. Some time later, after dinner, and the walk and everything, I heard a very brief, very heated altercation outside. It said clearly that Gemma had relayed my displeasure to the true offender – a guest she had thoughtfully invited while I was out.

She is usually very vocal and talks to me. Tonight, she has still said barely a meow. A sure sign that she thinks I am still upset with her. Or maybe she is cross because I thought it was her, but it was the guest instead … Cats truly are intelligent!

So how did Yanky annoy me? I have mentioned before that he is in need of some real leash training. It does not help matters being without a trustworthy wheelchair for several months and thus lack the confidence to go for a simple walk. While he is perfectly obedient in every other aspect of his life, taking him for a walk leaves much to be desired. Short leash, or giving him his head has the same effect – he just pulls and seeks more space. I have a couple ideas which I will implement over the next few days – including walking him to sheer exhaustion a couple times. Maybe it’s just pent up energy causing him to misbehave.

But, if all else fails, I can always call in the cavalry, who can really sort him out.