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I don’t know when I started doing this. Whether it was a conscious decision, or my inability to make a decision. Whatever the case, interesting how waiting for a sign seems to make everything that much clearer.

For too long now, I have allowed  my life to pass me by. Stagnating, while I pursued what I believed was was the best path for me, while sinking further and further into apathy, depression and sadness. Frustration made me lose interest in everything around me as I withdrew into a shell. A shadow of the person I know I could be.

Going to bed tonight, I know what I must do. While so many doors have closed, and are closing, around me, there is one that has remained open. Its light was dim before, but has brightened in recent months. A light that can no longer be ignored.

Now, the bricks need to be laid. Everything carefully thought out as a path is forged. Finally, I feel an excitement within me. A dying ember has been rekindled. It’s an excitement of something new. Tomorrow, I start forging that path. I cannot wait to see what the future holds.