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Things are certainly looking up for me. It almost feels like I feel at peace for the first time in a while.

I don’t like going to bed alone. I don’t like going to bed until I am past exhaustion and thus do not sleep well, or even long enough. Tonight, I am tired, but for once, I will be going to sleep far earlier than usual, hopefully breaking a spiraling cycle.

It was my second visit to a physio therapist this morning. The first time I have gone in years. Last time I went, the lady refused to help, for fear of breaking a bone. All she did was poke me in the shoulders, finding a very tightly knotted muscle which hurt like hell and did not want to proceed further, thinking she’d do more harm than good.

This time, it is definitely benefiting me. My left shoulder and neck feel better already, but my right hand is still having numb sensations. I’m going back on Thursday again, for more treatment, but I’ve got a strong feeling it might be carpal tunnel.

What I’ve noticed lately is how my range of mobility has declined. First, it was the fractured pelvis which caused me to move more carefully, and limit movement. Then, it was sending my wheelchair in for repairs. Using a borrowed wheelchair with a left hand drive meant I used my right arm less, and now I am paying for it. I have been given exercises to do, and I am playing with my silly little 500g dumbbell. Small, but it’s pretty much all my right arm can handle at the moment. I am already seeing improvements and it can only get better as time goes by.