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Though, I did try and do so today, it seems like somebody somewhere had other plans for me. Not that I am complaining. It is nice to be involved and actually doing something around here. But by the time I get to bed some nights, and actually allow myself to think, I have to wonder, “Wow, did all that happen today?”

It has seriously been an eventful week. It was on my way home from work on Wednesday, that I got a call on my cell. It seems like the Hawks had received an anonymous tip off. A certain somebody was in the possession of drugs and the tipster was concerned for children on the property buying off him. None of the children here are troubled youngsters, but it got their attention anyway. And, as luck would have it, they found a substantial amount hidden away in his room too. Enough to bring it to attention, to consider prosecution. Enough, too, for the Police to warn us that he is a danger to our well being. Not that we did not know this already, but it gave us the leverage we needed to tell him to seek alternative accommodation. Something we have been trying to do for a very long while, without success.

It has been amazingly quiet all week. Neither sight nor sound of him. No music either.

A day later, a hobo stopped at our door, wanting to buy some clothes with what few coins he had on him. We have sort of taken him in for a few days, giving him food and clothing, in exchange for him watching over our property as we slept. We have builders next door, who are in the process of building a very high wall. They have had to knock down the old one, though, which has left our security compromised.

Having him here has brought other events to our attention. While I was outside talking to him earlier, one of our staff approached him and asked if he had a resident’s room keys. Take note of the wording there. Had them, not seen. Had. It seemed that somebody had locked the guy in and the keys had disappeared. I overheard him tell the staff member that he had seen a bunch of keys in a trash can while taking out the rubbish. All very strange and we can only speculate what was going on there. One theory is that somebody on the inside was working with someone on the outside to benefit from a bit of thievery. Or it could have been a spiteful little prank. Who knows.

As this all developed, I called in some help, and together we discovered this same staff member had completed his sign-in sheet for the day prior to having even started his final shift for the day. And then, when questioned, denied everything. Not surprising really.

But, all this has still left me wondering whether it is happening now, in this order, for a reason. Are puzzle pieces falling into place, to make a bigger picture clearer in the days to come? All I can say is that I am living in some interesting times, and I am enjoying every minute.