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I shudder at the thought of what the world might be like without music. With its vast variety, it is probably one of few things that unites people in a positive light.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I just cannot live without music in my life. I seem to have a song for every occasion. You can say something to me, and it will trigger the memory of a line in a song and I’ll sing it to you and laugh.

Music was especially important to me growing up. I can remember listening to the classics with my stepfather, at braais. That is a barbeque, for ye of the Americas. I can remember my mother, sitting on the couch, cigarette in hand, when she first heard from my sister that I was interested in a boy at school. “You should stick to your books (reading) and music,” she said. I did. But the advice did not make me lose interest. I still wrote him letters, and he was my high school crush for several years.

There were certain songs that held a greater significance for me over the years. The first was “It’s my life” by Dr Alban. I actually hated that song, but what better way to convey a message when I was angry? I would slam my bedroom door and turn this song up really loud. “It’s my life. Stop bugging me,” the song said.

Imagine my relief when Bon Jovi released a newer song by the same title. It was a much better song in every aspect and had me bouncing in my chair as I belted out the lyrics. “It’s my life. It’s now or never.” That was inspiration if I ever heard it. And the motivation behind this blog.

I was not always so motivated, though. The last few years have been extremely challenging. 2005, 2006 and 2007 saw the passing of three family members. My cousin, Peter, my grandfather, and then my ever present companion and first Service Dog, Fayth. Then, in 2008, my health went for a ride, seeing me have a partial hysterectomy and both my ovaries removed. I also broke my arm, between surgeries.

Then came that horrible year of 2009, where my marriage fell apart.  That must have been the hardest year of my life. My health continued to give me problems. Not surprising, considering the stress. I retreated into my own little world, but once again, music came to my rescue. With lines like “I’ll mend myself before it gets me” and “I’ve fallen down, but I’ll rise above this” Seether’s song “Rise Above This” helped me get through. Some days saw me playing the song over and over until I felt like I could continue.

This week, I have found a new inspirational song. Since the station I normally listen to does not play hard rock, it is not surprising that I have not heard of Alter Bridge before now. The song is called Metalingus. It is the intro for WWE Superstar Edge. The whole song speaks of having been brought down, and rising up to chase your dreams. “On this day its so real to me. Everything has come to life. Another chance to chase a dream. Another chance to feel, Chance to feel alive.”

The last few months have seen me down and despondent. Stuck in a rut and not seeing any way forward. Making up my mind a couple weeks ago, to get up and take control, and make my dreams real, revitalized me. Listening to this song reminds me that now is the time to make it happen. My dreams will be coming true, soon.