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That is sort of how I feel right now. And I am not the only one. I did not realize how many days have already passed since my last blog entry. Things have been happening here and I just have not been keeping you all up to date.

But first, I need to ask, do you really want to hear about all the nitty gritty and boring little details of my life? Seriously, leave a comment and say yay or nay…

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that “a certain somebody” was paid a visit by the police for drug possession. It looked quite cut and dried back then, and we were certain to get rid of him. The water has got a lot more murky since then. Lawyers are once again involved in a legal wrangle and it’s gotten rather confusing. And more than a little frustrating. He is a trouble-maker, pure and simple, but because he is in a wheelchair, the law takes pity on him. Damn squatter law. The onus is now on us to find him new digs before we can turf him from ours. Do you really think anyone would take him?

In the meanwhile, Yanky has been having a hard time. Our one year anniversary came and went last month, and this one saw me calling in the cavalry to help with a problem. He has developed a severe anxiety problem while riding in the back of the bus. That is what I call the Peugot Boxer, with all the rear seats taken out. He’s had a couple traumatic incidents happen in recent months. I would not call it a big deal, but you try explain that to a three-year-old Labrador Retriever who had a stack of crates fall over next to him.

Maxine suggested moving him to the front of the bus and see how that worked. Very easy and he certainly did relax with her there. But, driving home again was a different story. For the first half of the trip, Yanky crawled right under Michael’s feet, making driving almost impossible. So, when we stopped, he pushed Yanky back towards the passenger door, and secured his leash, to discourage a repeat performance. Lucky he did, because once we were moving again, Yanky turned round and did his level best to get back there, almost choking himself in the process. I sent an SMS when I got home, but due to the lateness of the hour, I’ll only get a response tomorrow.

I am exhausted. My right leg hurts every time I move it. Trust me to leave things until it gets really bad before I sort it all out. Back when I got this new wheelchair, the seat was too high, so I had to compromise on the seat and sit instead on a cushion. Unfortunately, I think the cushion is a bit too thin and my weight is compressing it to the point where I am sitting on the board underneath. I came home and rested most of the evening. I plan to try stay off my hip and thigh again tomorrow, too in the hopes the pain will subside. Thank heavens for working from home …