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Do I dare? Is this something I can seriously achieve? When I first thought about it this morning, I got quite excited and thought it would be easy as pie. Yeah, right, what was I thinking? I’ll be biting off way more than I can chew if I take this on.

Ask anyone what I wanted to be when I grew up. They would tell you that I wanted to be a journalist. Somehow, when I finished Matric, my mother convinced me to study computers rather. I am not sure what my mother envisioned me doing. I certainly did not intend to race around town in the heat of the moment and capture a news story as it happened.

Rather, I wanted to write articles about people. The real life stories about what made a person tick. Get into their mind, understand them and how they made it to where they were at the time of the interview.

Don’t ask me how I intended to make that happen – little me in a wheelchair, who has never driven a car in her life. The person that I intended to interview would have had to come to me. Hardly a way to get to know the subject in their natural environment, don’t you think?

Roll on 2011, the Internet and social media. It is suddenly so much easier to find out information, and approach a person you are interested in talking to. Whether they respond is another matter.

My idea was to approach people that I followed on Twitter. I would ask if they were willing to chat a while and get to know them a bit. I would want to ask questions that you do not normally see in articles and write a real human interest piece about who that person is behind the limelight. Their passions, their favourite things. Basically what makes them tick.

But now I am wondering if I am seriously crazy. I know I am fun-loving and enjoy goofing around. My personal definition of crazy, you know. But a project like this seems insane by comparison. One thing is certain. I need to improve the readership of this blog if I even contemplate approaching any type of celeb…