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I think that’s all I need to say and you will know exactly how my day went. The fact that I am sitting here after ten at night will tell you that it’s not over yet. But I’m winding down. Alter Bridge is playing in the background and hopefully I’ll climb into bed within the hour.

I got to bed slightly later than planned last night. I had a feline visitor peek in as I was about to wrap up, so I spent a few minutes trying to coax it closer, but it was too timid. It’s the second time that I have seen this cat now, and it eats from Gemma’s bowl. I don’t know its gender, but for now I will call it Bandit. You can guess why.

I slept about seven hours and just could not wake up this morning. My brain was filled with cotton wool the whole day. Not even the fact that it was home time succeeded in waking me up. I could not even nap in the bus (Peugot Boxer) like I often do, since Yanky is still experiencing some anxiety and I wanted to keep an eye on him. He is sitting up front with who ever is driving. But now, he sits on the seat, instead of in the foot space like he was originally trained to. He seems marginally better with this arrangement, but not over the anxiety completely. He no longer shivers and his panting is less noisy than before. He sits still, but does not lie down in a relaxed manner. Hopefully it will improve with time.

I got home and had a chat with a friend, Nita. She thinks a journalism course would help me. Even if it does not teach me anything new, it will put me in touch with people and possibly help open doors. It is something I will think about, but I am not so keen on studying again.

Between dinner and a two-hour House meeting, where some residents raised their concerns, I have written today’s entry and made a minor change. Instead of “Sunday’s Secret”, I am now calling it “Sunday’s Surprise”. I’ve had a couple ideas come to mind for future entries and I am certain you are going to enjoy it all. Stay tuned and keep watching for other blog updates too. Like the two gallery pages of pictures of Gemma, which you can find under “Various Pictures”, and a new, updated “Contact Me” page. Please, feel free to contact me with any suggestions you may have … But, until next time, I think I should bid you a sweet goodnight …