I don’t want to write in my blog today. Really, I don’t. I just feel so deflated. The wind is knocked from my sails and don’t want to do anything. A movie is not distracting me and music is barely helping to pick me up from my mood.

I just cannot fathom how one person can be so petty, narrow-minded and selfish. There are several other words I could use to describe him but I will stop here. He will try and tell any newcomer to the house not to believe things told about him, but his own actions betray him. End of the day, it is always crystal clear that the only agenda is his own. The house and everyone else be damned. Small wonder that another House will not invite him to stay there.

No, this is not our “Public Enemy #1” we are talking about. He was actually away for a couple days with his sister. What peace. But as soon as he is back, the music blares again. How those living in the rooms around him put up with it, I don’t know.

The political wrangling, the petty gripes, the jockeying for favour with this one and that one that has gone on here for the last couple days is depressing. Can they not see that we need to work together for this place to prosper? Instead, they whisper behind closed doors, listen against the walls and plot for their own benefit.

It wears a person down. How can you accomplish anything with such an attitude? In the end, those that want to succeed, end up only wanting to throw in the towel. Thankfully, some have more perseverance than others.

He may think he has won this battle, but he has not won the war. Let’s just hope tomorrow goes a little better…