And if it calls any louder, I will be deafened. Honestly, it cannot shout any louder and I would be truly stupid to let this opportunity slip me by. As it is, my first Friday is approaching, and we have been so busy that I and my first subject (I don’t want to give away anything before it transpires) have been so busy that we have not been able to touch base.

Do not fear. Sunday’s Surprise will continue as planned.

But today, another, even more awesome opportunity has arisen. I am actually scared I am going to jinx it by divulging too much, but I’ve already told so many that I might as well blog about it as well.

My friend has a small computer business, and his biggest client happens to be a well known South African journalist. He spoke to her and mentioned my interest in journalism. She suggested that I write one or two articles and send them to her. If she likes what I’ve written, there is a chance of her taking me on as a “Ghost Writer”.

Guess what her column is all about. Gardening.

I have already blogged a couple times about how well my African violets were growing. (Yes, were. Sadly, I neglected them for too long.) I love my succulents, and used to grow orchids at one stage too. The articles I am planning will be on one of those subjects. I’ll e-mail her, too, to get an idea of what she may be looking for. Maybe it’s a subject that I will have to research first. Well, I’ll be doing research anyway, no matter what I write.

But seriously, if this is not a golden opportunity, then what is?