I am sitting here and doing anything to put off putting my thoughts on to paper. This week has been busy, so I have not really had much of a chance to do anything, let alone think. Now that it’s weekend, I am able to do both, and suddenly, I don’t want to do anything.

Fact is, I am scared. Here is this golden opportunity just waiting for me to reach out and grab it, and I am terrified of screwing it up. It’s like I am frozen. I cannot move. I cannot make up my mind what to do first and in the indecision, the fear just blossoms even more. I almost feel nauseous thinking about it all.

I know, put it off much longer and I am going to blow it.

But just once, I am wishing there was someone beside me to share this ride. I know I can do this, but it would mean so much more coming from someone sitting beside me.

Know what I mean?