Today has been absolute bliss. Unfortunately, it has to end some time, and for me, today is quickly drawing to a close.

I got to bed late last night, or should I say, this morning. But I more than made up for it by sleeping in extra late. I took Yanky out early as usual, but since another resident had used all the hot water, I grabbed a muffin and crawled back into bed. Next thing I knew, it was 10am, and if I did not move, I would miss my lift to Cresta.

Not having much to do, and plenty of time, I cruised around, taking the opportunity to watch people as they walked past. I always find it amusing how some can look and greet, while others studiously look ahead. Whether they are genuinely on a mission to get somewhere, or do not want to acknowledge me, I can never tell.

I have been wanting to update my ID book, and get a passport while I’m at it. This came on the back of my mother and grandmother moving to England recently. Still need to get to Home Affairs to get the paperwork processed, though.

Anyhow, I happened to go past a Flight Centre, which is where one would stop in for booking travel packages. I have had thoughts of taking holidays overseas, and was wondering whether there were packages that catered for disabled people, or if I would have to travel with a friend.

It really is a small world. Who did I bump into but a school friend that I had not seen since 1993. That is, unless she left before I did, which would make it even longer since we last spoke. I recognized her straight away, but was scared to greet by name, just in case I made a fool of myself by getting it wrong.

We chatted briefly, before I had to duck, for fear of again missing my lift. Hopefully we can meet for coffee and chat soon.

The rest of this afternoon and evening has flown by, listening to music and chatting on IRC. Yes, I am back in the old chatrooms. I am still using my same old nick, too, and a new one. Let’s see if anyone can figure out what it is 🙂