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I am sitting here wondering how wise it was to let such an opportunity slip through my fingers. The excuse is that I did not have transport, but I could have made a plan. Thinking about it yesterday, I imagined myself going all shy and freezing up and thus ruining the moment. So instead, I didn’t go at all.

Go ahead and tell me that I was crazy and stupid. It did not take much to figure out the details of his flight and when it was arriving. With the Internet at my fingertips, that was the easy part. Shawn Michaels arrived in Johannesburg just before 18:00 last night and I was still sitting at my computer.

I have already admitted that I was never a huge fan of WWE. I still followed it for a long time, more interested in the theatrics outside the ring than inside. I loved watching Shawn Michaels. Inside and outside the ring.

Dynamite comes in small packages and nobody was more explosive than him. He was my only reason for watching. Flying off the top rope and knocking them out with his Sweet Chin Music inside the ring, or getting in everyone’s face on the outside. He seemed unafraid of the monsters looming over him. Not that he was that small, mind you, but there are some really huge guys in the WWE.

I don’t remember that much, except him teaming up with the likes of Razor Ramone, Diesel and then bringing in Psycho Sid as his bodyguard. I thought that was very funny. I don’t think he needed him, but with his attitude, a partner on your side always comes in handy.

And then there was his Heartbreak Hotel. I wonder if that was inspired by the Eagles.

He was a character. No doubt about it. And I wonder ho much of it rubbed off on me growing up. Sure, I am not doing crazy stunts and pushing limits, but I think more than a few will agree that I am annoyingly cocky and love getting up to mischief sometimes.

The more I think about it, the more I am kicking myself. I wonder if there is such a thing as second chances?