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They rock like nothing else. I do not understand why the interest in chat rooms is fading. It is the perfect place to connect in a totally anonymous setting and have a bit of fun. There is almost no chance of someone finding where you live, you choose what information to share, and unlike programmes like Skype or MSN, you do not have to share your e-mail address, or have to accept a friend invite to keep in touch.

That is the beauty of a chat room. You choose a nickname, log in and chat. When you are done, you disconnect. You are not tied down by sharing e-mail addresses or any of that nonsense. You just say, “Meet me here tomorrow.” That’s it. So simple.

Of course, you do get the odd bad apple that tries to spoil it for the rest, but the trick is to shop around until you find the chat room that is right for you.

After taking a break for several months, I have reinstalled mIRC and rejoined chat rooms again. Yes, I am a chat addict. Some things have not changed. But also a lot has changed too. There are fewer people around and plenty of old faces have disappeared.

Lucky for me, I have found the perfect little room to while away the hours, in the company of new friends who seem to be as crazy as me. They come from all over the world and are the greatest fun to be with…

Desi, Roger, and everyone there, love you lots and look forward to chatting tomorrow again!! xxx

Anyone who would like to check our family out, drop me a line and I’ll give directions.