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To be prejudiced against them is just wrong. How can you not like somebody with such a positive outlook on life? I mean, have you ever met a gay guy with a chip on his shoulder, or has a perpetually negative attitude? Everybody should take lessons from a gay person. The world could learn a lot.

I have always enjoyed spending time with a gay guy. They are always so outgoing and friendly. There is no pressure of the guy hitting on you and they accept you for who you are with open arms. They seem to never have a care in the world. What is there not to love about them?

They are an endless source of amusement for me. I seem to have a knack of spotting a gay guy a mile away and watching them brings a smile to my face. I could laugh, but not in a degrading way. If I could I would go up to them and tell them just how awesome they are. And ask for a hug, of course!

One guy I knew, who cut my hair, would wear heels to work. I sometimes see another guy here around the House when he visits us. And then there is a new friend that I have started following on Twitter. The things the say. The way they walk and wave their hands. I love them to bits.

Gay guys, you are beautiful! As this one guy said to me, with that typical accent, “That was fabulous, darling!”