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Not! Can you see the sarcasm? It’s a bit more difficult to convey in a written format. I just hope we do not have a repeat performance of tonight.

I got woken from an afternoon nap by Hercie and Andre. After almost two weeks away, he was back. It became quickly apparent that he was quite drunk. Initially, we were glad to have him back. We intended to follow through with the initial plan of having him work for us, as a security guard and handyman person. But first, we had to get him sober before anyone else saw him in his intoxicated state.

Between him swearing his undying love for us and his eagerness to work for us, I managed to chase him off to get bathed and cleaned up. The large beer mug full of coffee that he had after did not make an impact either. He only seemed to become even more rowdy.

The moment that I saw Yanky become fearful, something inside me snapped. I called him away from Andre and he was more than willing to get as far away as possible. Andre did not seem to be aware of Hercie and I discussing that we needed to phone the police to defuse the situation.

Hercie quite ably managed the situation in the kitchen while I moved Yanky to the dining room. For once, his down-stay commands were executed to perfection. Nita arrived moments later, as Andre became louder still. She was scared. She suspected he was under the influence of drugs as well. Strangely enough, I was calm as can be. I had seen this before, and managed it back then as well. I no longer seem to get scared in such situations. I get angry and the anger fuels me to fix it.

Straight after phoning the police, Nita and I phoned Theuns, who lives right around the corner. What we would do without this guy, I don’t know. He arrived moments later and promptly threw Andre out. It took us a moment to realize that things had gone quiet and cautiously ventured out to see what was going on. A short while later, the police arrived. Theuns explained the situation and they went looking for Andre.

Whether they found him, I do not know. His bag of clothes is still standing outside our main gate, so who knows what happened. What I do know is that, in light of what has happened, we cannot allow him to return. Anything could have happened tonight, but thankfully, it didn’t.