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Somebody said, “Small things amuse small minds.” Albert Einstein said, “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” Get into a chat room and the stupidity that abounds will never cease to amaze.

There is a constant stream of new chatters to the different chat rooms that I frequently visit. As some know, I even helped to run a chat room for two years. One thing that never changes is how people fall for the oldest trick in the book. Not once, not twice, but occasionally, over and over again. You would think that eventually they might figure you out. Some never do.

Mike and I used to take a really perverse pleasure in seeing how many noobs (new chatters) would fall for the same trick in a night. We actually kept a running score. Even now, it still makes me giggle when seeing someone fall for it. Childish. Geeky. Whatever. It’s fun!

The conversation would generally go like this:

<Chatter> Any hot ladies want to chat?
<Me> Sure! Press Alt+F4 for the list …
* Chatter (User@Host.name) has quit IRC.

Then the chatter would come back and ask what happened. Our response would be, “Sorry, wrong button. Try Ctl+W instead.” That was promptly followed by another quit message, followed by various messages of mirth, such as “LOL” or “No way!” by the remaining onlookers.

In case you are wondering, and want to try these key combinations for yourself, go ahead. Alt-F4 will close your browser window and Ctl+W will just close this tab within your browser.

Yes, I know it is stupid. But it is still funny!