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I know I have some strange dreams. They are probably the product of an overactive imagination. Most of the time, it looks like my dreams come straight out of a movie. This one was no different.

I was with someone and we were going door to door in a commercial area, asking questions about a guy in a photo. It did not feel like police business, and I was not in a wheelchair. The shop we were in had turn-styles at the front to get in. We were showing the picture to someone near the front of the store. Something did not feel right. When another guy tried to sneak down the stairs at the back, we pulled out our guns and made the arrest.

Going down the stairs ourselves, we demanded to know what they were hiding. There was a door at the bottom with a rounded wooden piece across the front. For some reason, I was thinking that a piano had been merged with the door and this was the rounded part¬† that goes over the keys. The door was locked. We wanted to know what was behind it. They did not respond. There was a small key on the floor, like from a padlock. It fit into the keyhole on top of the piano piece and the door opened. Standing inside was Adam Copeland, aka “Edge”, unharmed.

The dream changed then. We were somewhere talking, and I got up the nerve to sort of kiss him. “Aren’t you supposed to try and resist me?” he asked. I don’t remember my response, but I knew there was another guy in my life somewhere.

It changed again, and I was sitting in front of a computer. I was checking a website, most likely FaceBook. I was looking at a picture of a much younger Adam, sporting a mullet. It was a head and shoulders picture, viewed from behind.  He came over and I showed him the picture. Then I saw the razor in his hand and said he was not supposed to cut his hair.

Again, the dream changed. For a brief second, we were preparing to go on some kind of journey. And then the trip was happening. We were on some kind of road, with a rail on one side and water all around. My brother was making a noise, singing and I told him to shut up. Finally, I was in my wheelchair as I tried to race ahead, only to find the path was submerged and we somehow had to float everything across.

That is where it ended. It was a very vivid dream, and for some reason, the part that stood out the most was looking at the picture. That was weird. I don’t know why I would have such a dream. Though of course, it was also very nice!