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I’ve been looking through all my recent  blog entries and feel the need to continue and write something along the same vein as what you have seen recently. But at the same time, this is meant to be a personal blog with only a couple days a week dedicated to featured themes, if you want to call it that. So now, I just don’t know which way to go.

I have been enjoying thinking of topics for my blog so much that other events pale by comparison. Not that I did much of significance.

I went shopping on Saturday and spotted two beautiful new duvet sets at Sheet Street. I seriously cannot resist butterflies, and when I saw the one on display, I had to check if they had it in 3/4. Lucky for me, they did and that is when I saw the second on the shelf. I had not bought any in about a year, so went and got them both. I’ll post a picture later in the week when my bedding is changed.

After that, Hercie and I went for milkshakes at Milky Lane. That was also something else I had not done in a while and it was absolutely delicious.

Yesterday was a public holiday in South Africa. National Women’s Day. While some may have observed the day with some celebration, most of us just appreciated the fact that it was a day off from work. The more clever ones made an extra long weekend of it by taking Monday off. I was one of the suckers that went into the office.

It was not too bad, though. With a couple deadlines looming, I am feeling more motivated to work, but still find the same old problems annoying. This time, I am simply not letting them get to me. If nobody wants to communicate with me, despite being asked what is going on, then not my fault if the work is not done. Oh, and that cursed data issue? Same story. I have requested it. If I can’t get it. Hey, I tried.

It was a beautiful and sunny winter’s day yesterday. I spent most of the morning, absorbing the rays and chatting with my friends here at the house. We had a braai (BBQ) for lunch and then I had an afternoon nap before watching a couple episodes of my favourite series.

Yanky got spoiled as well. He got a huge bone covered in raw meat from the butcher, which he gnawed at during lunch. One way to keep him away from all the wonderful smells of human food, though somehow he was still done before we were and hid his bone somewhere. It upset his stomach a bit today, but he is sleeping happily now.

I don’t think I have had such an enjoyable and well-spent day in a while. I am in a good space right now and hope this feeling continues