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It has been noted several times recently that people need to lighten up. Life is too short to bitch and moan all the time. Excuse the slight use of language there. But seriously, if you not offending someone, why not laugh and make light of a situation?

I was discussing my blog and last week’s disable jokes with Nita and Hercie, who shared a couple more jokes that I could write about here. The one, I have covered before.

Hercie went shopping the one day and needed to go upstairs for some reason. When asking where the lift was, she was told, “Upstairs!” … Oh yeah? So how did it get there?

Another time, she and Cilia went for milkshakes at this one restaurant. Remember, wheelchairs need space at a table, so they asked the waiter to please move some chairs out the way. He looked at them and said, “But if I remove the chairs, where will you sit?”

No. Really. True story!

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