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Tell me now! What did you do to my cat? That is not how Gemma normally behaves.

Gemma is not timid, or anti-social. She is just very aloof. Most cats are. If I have company, she is gone before they have had a chance to greet me. Even faster if the visitor is male. That is just how she is.

Jonathan came to visit today, with a friend of his, Oscar. She actually followed them in the door and ran circles around Jonathan’s legs. That is when I asked what he had done to make her behave like that. It was just not normal. But she had seen him a few times, so I was not completely surprised.

But then you can really imagine my surprise when she started playing with Oscar. Rather than heading for the window, she rolled over on the bed and greeted him as if she had known him for months, never mind minutes. What on earth had gotten into her?

It was such a nice day that we did not sit around the house to chat. Rather, we went off to Argentina’s, which was just around the corner. Yanky enjoyed the walk and slept peacefully under the table while we ate and had milkshakes. Being a dark stone floor and a black Labrador retriever, I don’t think anybody realized he was there, let alone that he did not have his jacket on. I know the owner, so it was easy to get him in without decking him up. Usually, being out in public, he would have had to wear his “Service Dog” jacket, but we got away without it today. The waitress even gave him a bowl of water.

Jonathan and I are again discussing more get-togethers for the near future. His scooter is now fixed. He actually got the call just after we got back to the house. And he plans on getting a car. So coming to visit will not be a problem. And then they have done some renovations at his house, so separating Yanky from his dogs will not be a problem either.

Watch this space. I have so many ideas and events happening that I don’t know where to start first!