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The streets were bustling with shoppers hurrying from one store to the next.  He could see the police officer approaching from down the street. It was just another day on the job. From here, he could already see that the cop was not paying attention as he walked along.

Stepping out of the doorway, he joined the crowds, swiftly approaching the cop, who was drinking a cup of coffee as he walked. He dropped his gaze as he bumped heavily into the man, and mumbled an apology as he stepped out of his way.

Marcus just managed to keep his coffee from spilling as the man bumped into him. “Careful, buddy!” he called and turned to continue walking. He suddenly realized that he was holding something. It was an envelope. Inside was a picture.

“Oh shit!” he muttered.

“Tell it to me again.”

Marcus retold his story for a third time. “He was almost as tall as me, wearing a Nike hoodie, pulled up. I never saw his face.” He shook his head. “By the time I saw what was in the envelope, he was gone.”

Heather picked up the photograph and looked at it again.  Adam Copeland stared back at her, holding a copy of this morning’s newspaper. Turning it over, she read the ransom note for the umpteenth time. It simply said, “Take $100,00 in unmarked bills to the newspaper guy on 42nd Street. Leave the bag behind the stall.” Nobody needed reminding what would happen if the  ransom was not paid.

 “So, who is that?” Her partner, Peter Collins nodded at the photograph.

She looked at him incredulously. “You are a guy. I thought it was ingrained into every man’s DNA to watch wrestling.” Collins shook his head and shrugged. “That is Edge. One of the best in the business.” She paused. “Was. He had to retire a few months ago.”

 “Any idea where to start? How are we going to find this guy?”

 Heather turned to her computer and opened a browser window. She typed as she replied, “There is a website where you can check celebrity sightings. When people spot a celebrity, they send the details there.” She went quiet as she entered Copeland’s name into the search box, clicked search and waited for the results. She checked her watch and pointed at the screen, muttering. Abruptly, she stood up. Leaning over her chair, she printed the details on her screen. She grabbed her jacket, the printed pages and said, “Let’s go.” She barely checked if her partner was following.

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