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You must have noticed the change to my domain name by now. Since the beginning, the site has been known by my online nickname – Aphrael78. Unfortunately, it is a nickname that is prone to being spelled incorrectly. So, I thought it was time for some changes.

On Saturday, I registered and switched over to the new domain name, itsmylife.cc. Unfortunately, all the nice ones like .co.za and .com were all taken, and I wanted nothing less than “ItsMyLife” at the time, so .cc it was. I thought, and still do think, that it looks cool.

With the start of a new work week, I have discovered that some corporate firewalls are now blocking the site. My one at work is, and is classifying it as “social media”.

Upon chatting with different friends online, it does not seem to be too widespread. Nor is it always because of the new domain name. I am still curious, though, to know the full extent. I plan to change back to the old domain address for a few days. Thus, those who may have experienced a problem can see the site again and leave a comment on this post.

If you think I could have chosen a better domain name for my site, please feel free to comment also, and suggest a new domain name. I will take all comments into consideration and take a course of action from there. I know my sister suggested the name: “MyLifeMyWay.co.za” but that is not the title of my blog.

I still like itsmylife.cc.