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That is another saying which is oh so true. And it is even more fun when it’s something totally unexpected. Work today flew by and I enjoyed it immensely. And it had nothing to do with the actual projects I was on.

I have a token which allows me to log on to the work systems from home. I lost the password, so phoned the help desk yesterday to reset it. This morning, I got a call back from a very friendly guy who walked me through the process. I am not sure what it was about the call, but I just wanted to burst out laughing. Maybe it was his tone of voice.

Anyway, he gave his details and as I was saving them to my address book, saw that he was available to chat on “MS Office Communicator”. I decided to send him a message, once again thanking him for his help. The connection was instant and we had an awesome time getting to know each other between getting work done.

His name is George and has been working for the company almost as long as I have. Funnily enough, he still did not know what I looked like, despite working in neighbouring buildings, in town. I thought that everyone knew of me and Fayth, but evidently, she missed a few people as we strolled from one building to the next during our daily walks.

It’s just amazing how something so unexpected can creep up on you out of the blue. It took less than ten minutes of conversation for us to start chatting as if we had known each other forever. If only such connections could be made more often!