It has been a busy day, and it does not help going to bed so late every night. It’s another of those phases, which I am going to have to break soon.

You could say I was double-booked today. I had to accompany Hercie to a meeting, since I am on the House committee. Luckily the venue was right around the corner from work, so I was able to kill two birds with one stone and get some testing done.

Once again, we are in “crunch time”. It’s the end of a testing cycle for two projects and stuff needs to be done. And it’s always the same problems. People do not read their e-mails. There is no data. Or the little data that is sourced cannot cover all requirements. Tomorrow is D-Day, so let’s hope I finish on time.

I had to leave Yanky at home today, because of other dogs at the meeting venue. It was strange being at the office without him under my desk.

He had the day off, relaxing in my room, with a couple chews to occupy him. Nita let him out around lunch time and she told me that he was quite happy to run around a little. But as soon as he figured out that I was not around, he stuck to her side like glue. She encouraged him to play, which he did, but quickly returned.

When I got back a short while later, and let him out of my room again, he was still very relaxed and happy. I had been gone for a total of about six hours. I did not fuss over him and he just took it like another trip to the shops. All in all, very encouraging and maybe I can leave him for longer periods in future.