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I have a weakness for chocolate. I rarely go a day, let alone a week without having at least one small piece. Currently, I am enjoying Geldhof dark chocolate. Nobody makes chocolate like this place.

So you can imagine how my interest was piqued when going to work last week, and I saw signs advertising a “Chocolate festival”. The problem was, the signs were not that big, they were on a busy road, and the venue’s information was the smallest text on the poster. I searched Google, and even tweeted, asking for more information, without success.

I guessed that I would have to miss it and hope it was on again next year.

On Saturday, I went to Cresta and did some shopping. I found another duvet set. More butterflies. And then I treated myself to more dark chocolate. I tend to get a small packet a month.

That afternoon, I found that Chris was traveling through to the East Rand, to visit a friend on the Sunday. I asked if I could tag along and share petrol costs. When he agreed, I made plans to meet Nate at East Gate for lunch.

You would not imagine my luck, when, while wandering around, waiting for Nate, I happened to discover this elusive “Chocolate Festival”. It was not so big, but there were several stalls with chocolate. One was Geldhof, obviously. No festival would be complete without their delicious Belgian delicacies.

Another was Snyman Chocolatiers from Pretoria who import Swiss chocolates. They had a wide choice to choose from, including a couple flavours that I had never even heard of – like tomato. Another was biltong. Americans would call it beef jerky. Yeah, very strange things to put in chocolate. But I tasted the tomato and it was not bad. “It grows on you,” said Nicholas, who served me. “Like a wine.” I don’t actually like wine, but I’ll believe him.