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After only about 4.5 hours of sleep last night, I was up and off to work, bright and early. Amazingly, I felt good for so early in the morning, with so little sleep. It did catch up with me later, though it caught up with me later, until I ate a late breakfast.

One of the songs that I heard on the radio was Roxette’s “It must have been love”. All of a sudden, it struck me how far I had come. How much had happened in the last eighteen months, and how much better I felt about myself.

A year ago, I could not listen to that tune. We were sitting outside and Chris had the song playing from his computer. For some reason, it was on repeat, and I had to ask him to change it. It was another of those songs that I could not listen to. To this day, I still have not heard that song.  The Fray’s “How to save a life” never did make it to be one of those never-to-be-forgotten tracks that radio stations play to death.

I don’t think I can put a finger on specific areas of improvement in my life. As you know, a couple months ago, I decided to stop worrying about things I could not control. The weight lifted has been a release. Stress is a waste of energy. I feel lighter and have a better appreciation of everything.

I have rediscovered my passion for writing and it is bringing me pleasure like nothing else before. It has been a long time since I have felt so good and I hope it does not fade