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Today has been one of those days where some people are still alive only because shotguns are not standard issue. The longer I am in this job, the more I want to quit. Some days, it is only the  fact that I need medical aid that keeps me going.

I am hoping that a bad sleeping pattern is the reason for my grumpy mood of the last few days. I am sleeping the whole night through, which in itself is strange. I usually wake at least once, depending how much I drank during the day. Though no matter how much, or how little, or when I consumed the liquid, I tend to wake at about 3:30.

Maybe I have some sort of cold which is lurking in the shadows, held at bay by my almost insatiable taste for “Med Lemon”. With the weather being so indecisive and cold, I have had a couple extra recently.

But as the subject of this post suggests, music definitely came to my rescue. I lined up my four favourite songs just after lunch and listened to them as loud as possible. I keep saying that I want to, and I really should, get a better sound system in here.

If you are interested, the four songs are:

  • Seether – Rise Above This
  • Seether – Country Song
  • Alter Bridge – Metalingus
  • Bon Jovi – It’s My Life

Anyone surprised at that song choice? I have mentioned these tracks often enough. Right now, I am listening to Alter Bridge’s album, “One Day Remains”. My choice of music seems to be quite predictable lately, but at least I have relaxed enough to want to go to bed.