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I can’t help it. I need to find a bit of humour in every situation. No “quadriplegic association” wants new members, and driving (or should that be riding?) drunk is no laughing matter. This picture, entitled “Miracle in the alcohol aisle” is extremely funny, but the joke could become a stark reality in a matter of seconds.

Rather an appropriate post for a Friday night, don’t you think?

Don’t worry, I am not going to climb atop a soapbox and harp about the dangers of drinking and driving. You have probably heard it all before, and hopefully you are responsible enough to know your limits and hand over your car keys rather than get behind the wheel.

I don’t have keys to hand over. But I still own a set of wheels. It’s a wheelchair and it is my means of getting around. And just because I cannot abandon my wheels, it does not stop me from having a good time when I want to.

Luckily, I have never ended up like this guy. Usually, I fall on to a bed, with head hitting a pillow, where I instantly sleep it off. Usually, because I have a high metabolism, which I believe is part of having brittle bones, I am already sobering up by the time I fall asleep. I have only once woken with what might have been a hangover. One small headache tablet later and I was fine.

Other people that I know are not such responsible wheelchair drivers. One guy I knew actually drove his motorized wheelchair into a swimming pool. Crazy guy. He laughed about it when he told me.

With a bottle in hand, he could be a danger in your back yard! Run! You’re not safe!

Jokes aside, if you are going to have a little fun this weekend, please think of how quickly a moment of fun could turn into your worst nightmare. It can happen in seconds…