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Today could not have been more unproductive if I tried. I woke up late and almost went back to bed after my bath. I actually drifted off for a while, lying back in my wheelchair. But, I finally roused myself and went shopping.

Clever me forgot the date. No wonder Cresta was so packed. It was month end. No chance for me to pick up speed and zip between people like I usually do. My own fault as well for getting to the shops after lunch too.

Even more clever was not compiling some sort of shopping list. So, I wandered around Checkers, checking this and that, picking up the odd item and wondering how wise it was to go shopping at all. It was only after I got the Milo crunch cereal that the penny dropped and I knew exactly what I wanted. After that, the rest was easy.

I saw Brenda again, and we agreed to meet for coffee in two weeks time. I must remember to get to the shops early next time!

I changed my wallpaper on my desktop after I got home. I originally took off my wallpaper of Edge, since I did not want Nate teasing me about it when he visited. It was only when I updated it again that I realized that I was losing sight of my goals. I am not going to get anywhere if I keep losing sight of them. People who see the wallpaper think it’s there because I think he is so handsome. Yes, it’s that too, but it reminds me to focus. To decide what I want and make it happen.

So, today, I left a message with the production team for the TV show, Haven, at this site: Haven Happenings. Chances are slim to non-existent that they will forward the message to Adam, aka Edge, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. It would truly be an honour to meet the man – even if only online – who fueled the fire and got me to pursue my dreams and do something with my life.

A couple things have happened to remind me that I need to get my act in order. Tomorrow, I need to sit down and list what needs doing and start laying plans. I might give the usual “Sunday Story” a miss, unless someone can give me something to write about. I am having a very un-creative weekend.

Just a little aside note … You may want to keep an eye on my Twitter. I tend to mention things that do not make it into my blog. Maybe I’ll compile some of them for an article soon …