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September is only days away. Spring will have sprung for South Africa. For the Americans, and Canadians, it hails he beginning of the Fall, and the season where new episodes of all the best series start.

It’s been so long since I last saw a new episode of Criminal Minds that it feels like I am going through withdrawal. It is probably my most favourite show ever.

The show revolves around an FBI team who specialize in tracking down and catching the worst of the worst. As the “Behavioral Analysis Unit”, the team are called out to analyze violent crimes and build a profile of the suspect. Each episode is unique and intense, and the team work together to ensure justice is served.

I cannot begin to describe why I like this show. As usual, the producers have put together a great cast and it is hard to imagine anyone else playing the role of each character.

Spencer Reid (played by Matthew Gray Gubler) is just awesome. A total geek, who has no social skills whatsoever. He is an endless source of useless information and unwittingly estranges himself from those around him by launching into a detailed description of a topic – be it a reason why an unsub did what he did, or something like the story behind Halloween.

My personal favourite is Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore). He is by far the most handsome man on the team, in my biased opinion, but what also appeals to me is his easy-going, charming nature. Do not let his smooth talk fool you. He is passionate about his work and can easily dive head first into a volatile situation without thinking things through. I don’t know if I would go as far as to call it reckless, but he is definitely impulsive. Thankfully, it has not got him killed yet, or I, as well as Garcia, would not speak to him again.

Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) has got to be the most awesome geek chick out there. You have to watch the show to appreciate her in action. Putting aside her computer skills in assisting the team narrow down their search, she has this way of expressing her individuality that I have never seen before. She wears outrageous clothes – but please, do not liken her to that strange woman from the Drew Carey Show – and has all cute little toys and oversized pens laying around her office.

I just love the dynamic  between her and Morgan. When she calls with information, he will reply with, “Talk to me, baby girl.” These two are as close as brother and sister. When there is trouble, she always checks on him first, before the other team members. So it’s not surprising when, after nearly getting himself killed, she hangs up the phone after saying that she is not talking to him because she is still mad at him.

I could continue about this show for ages, but needless to say, with JJ (A.J. Cook) returning to the team, Season 7 is going to be awesome. I cannot wait.