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It will be any person’s downfall. A noise in the middle of the night. Try s you might, you have to investigate what it was. In any horror movie, you will yell, “Don’t do that!” but you know that in the same situation, you will do exactly the same thing. You just cannot stop yourself.

Every house has its strange noises. The older the house, the more it creaks and groans. Some people say it is the house “settling” for the night. Maybe they mean that different building materials shrink as they cool, and make strange noises. Others might suggest that the house is somehow haunted.

I have had my share of experiences over the years. Thankfully, this house does not make any weird sounds,  but the last two nights almost had me jumpy nonetheless. I did say almost …

Two nights ago, there was a strange noise somewhere outside. It definitely was not that annoying frog. I could have sworn it was a crow, but a crow would not be awake so late at night. I mentioned it to Rudy who thought it might have been an owl.

Last night was just classic. I heard a loud knocking and called, “Come in!” My bedroom door did not open. I checked on Yanky, but he was peacefully sleeping in his bed, so it was not him. A moment later, the knocking came again. This time I checked the door. Nobody was there. I looked out the window. Don’t ask me why I did that. Again, I went back to my computer. When I heard the knocking a third time, I realized that it was coming from the wall between mine and Chris’ room. He was in bed without his phone and needed me to call someone to help him.

Not quite scary scary, but still damn funny. Thinking about it reminded me of a poem that I learned back in school. I don’t remember all the words, but it goes something like this:

Can you hear the  rattle of the rattle bone boogie?
Clatter, clatter, bump, bump, bump in the night
All those bones a-rattling and a-clittering and a-clattering
Sets your skin a-tingle
And makes your hair curl with fright!