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… like never before and I am seriously looking for new challenges. Usually, I am useless when it comes to thinking of good ideas. Especially creative. Especially for myself. But more and more, my mind seems to be waking up and thinking of things.

I had been speaking to Nita recently, maybe even yesterday, telling her that I was drawing a little bit of a blank for ideas to blog about, especially for my “Monday Mix” column. We threw ideas back and forth, agreeing that I needed to do a little research and check some websites.

She mentioned how, at school, kids got a list of topics to choose from and from there write about something that popped to mind. One idea that she mentioned that I would like to remember and write about is, “Alone in your room with only your cellphone and a candle.” I will apologise in advance if I write something that scares Reggie, who I know is a regular reader. *LOL*

Anyhow, I had a lightbulb moment on the way home from work this afternoon. It builds on from a chat that I had earlier with Jenny. Why not combine my passion for animals with my passion for writing. Immediately, the ideas started rushing through me. Like why it is important to socialise your animals – kittens too. How do you approach a strange dog? Myths and truths when dealing with horses. The list is potentially endless.

It also gave me an idea for “Sunday’s Story”, so watch out for that. It is definitely related.

First thing’s first, and I really need to make some updates to my blog. They should have been done last weekend. Since Friday’s post is almost completed already, hopefully it gives me time to do the necessary updates. Knowing me, though, I will find something else to fill my time, like a TV series, or chat with friends, or anything else equally nonconstructive.

I am slowly getting there. As the song goes, “The time has come to change my ways.” From Metalingus, by Alter Bridge. And I have Adam’s picture on my desktop to remind me, too. Yes, go ahead and rag me, Nate! ๐Ÿ™‚