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Sorry, I did not mean to give you a fright. You’re safe. Christmas is still months away, though you will start seeing those annoying adverts soon. A terrible season. You forget about what the season is truly about. It’s not all about the money, you know.

The season that I am really talking about is Spring. Officially, in the Southern Hemisphere, Spring has sprung. Already there is new growth on the trees and slowly vegetation and animals awaken to the warmth after another cold Winter.

And so I have awoken too. I know I have been saying it for the last two months, but the time is finally here, and I have already started the ball rolling slightly. I don’t know how much I should mention in advance, since I do not want to reveal my cards, and potentially damage opportunities going forward.

Let me try and explain to you. Up until now, any changes that have been made, were made on my behalf. Decisions were made that impacted me and I accepted them and rolled with them. Excuse the pun, being in a wheelchair and all.

This year is the first time that I am taking control and making decisions for myself. You may scoff if you have not had a similar experience, but to make a  big change can be daunting. You might even want to put it off until you have no other choice.

What has happened with me is kind of like a process of awakening. The spark was ignited when watching that episode of Sanctuary two months ago and the time since then has been spent adjusting. Call it soul-searching if you want. I have taken the time to understand what it is that I really want. What it is that I enjoy. What I may want to see in my future.

I feel comfortable with where I am now. I also understand that to progress any further, I need to take action and make those changes happen. In some small ways, I have started to make that happen. But it is time to bite the bullet and make those big changes happen.

Spring is a season of change. So, bring it on!