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I was going to write about going to see SA Tattoo, but I’ve decided to keep that for Monday. I think it fits in with that column. Saturdays are more laid back and relaxing, so I’ll just tell you all about the awesome stuff that has been happening.

I woke up nice and late, feeling very refreshed. After only a short while on the computer, after my bath, I went out and checked on the book sale for the house. I got roped in to help while Hercie and Theuns discussed something in the office. We did not see very many people buying, but since this was our first month end book sale, it was not surprising. I have an idea to improve this going forward, which I will suggest at Monday’s meeting.

Nate arrived just before lunch. We were going to downgrade my computer from 64bit to 32bit Windows, but there just was not enough time. He had a play rehearsal to go to and I was going to the SA Tattoo later. If you are wondering what that is, or what the difference is. Don’t. It’s a minor technicality which is required to run certain software. Annoying but necessary.

So, he left for a while, and I took a break, and recharged my wheelchair, so that I would have power to go out. Seems the batteries are misbehaving and I just don’t have the time to get out there to sort them out.

Getting to the show was loads of fun. Luckily we arrived early because the wonderful security guards at Monte Casino sent us from pillar to post in an attempt to find parking for our Peugot Boxer, which is 2.5m tall and cannot fit into their parking structures which had height restrictions of 2.1m and 2.3m respectively. They wanted to send us to some forlorn location on the other side of nowhere to park, which Theuns flatly refused to do.

Seriously, do not annoy this man. Once Theuns gets the bit between his teeth, he will not let go. Finally, he parked the bus in the middle of nowhere, got out and refused to move until someone drove with us and showed us where to park. We were eventually able to park in the drop-off zone outside the Bird Gardens.

He demanded to see the “Hospitality Manager”, but this did not happen before going to see Tattoo. He got his wish afterwards though, and the lady was very calm and diplomatic, saying she understood why we were so upset and agreed that it was unforgivable for a place of international acclaim. She took down our details and promised to get back to us.

So, off we went and picked up some KFC on the way home. I have sat relaxing, taking my time to write this, and now it is almost time to go to bed… A good end to a jam packed and fun day …