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The tickets were booked for months. I am so lucky that Theuns and I share a love for classical music, so when I heard about it, all I did was ask if he wanted to go. I did not care about the cost. This was not an event that would be missed. And it certainly lived up to expectations.

Parking problems aside, once we were inside, everything was forgotten. Ushers efficiently directed us to the outdoor arena. I handed over our tickets and we were allowed through the gates.

My first glimpse of what the evening had in store was a handsome young man wearing a kilt and blue war-paint. My first thought was, He’s cute. Second was, Wow, Braveheart. This is going to be interesting. Then he handed me a flyer. I did not really see the header, just the Facebook link which said, “Haggis and Bong”. I looked at the flyer, then back at the guy with thoughts of that weird Scottish dish going through my mind. What food had to do with a music extravaganza, I could not guess. Those guys were smoking something and I did not want to know what!

I kept hold of the flyer, albeit forgotten, and headed towards my seat. Then I turned around, thinking about asking for a photograph and promptly changed my mind. They were focused on handing out flyers and I was just too shy!

There was definitely something for everyone during the show, with bands from all over the country performing age old classics, like Mango Groove’s “Special Star”, to more modern tunes like Wakka Wakka. They even had the crowd on their feet for the “Clap Clap Song”! Personal favourites included “Scotland the Brave” as well as that song made famous  by the TV show, JAG.

I have always loved the Scots. It is a dream to get over to the UK and see the Highland Games, among other events. So it was a great treat to see a performance by a troupe of Highland dancers, and their broadswords. I was torn between watching them and the awesome band that accompanied them. Haggis and Bong.

I was amazed by what I was hearing. I feel like the last to know that the bagpipes could be used to make modern music, like rock and metal. Vanessa Mae had given a modern sound to the violin so why could something similar not be done with the bagpipes? I was instantly sold and dug out that flyer again.

Silly me went all shy, though, when I went to buy the CD. I could have had a mouth full of cotton wool for all I wanted to say! But I said enough to get it autographed by two of the band members before leaving. So way cool!

And then it was over. Theuns and I were leaving. I would have gone back to watch it a second time if I could,  but no chance of that. I guess I will just have to wait until next year’s show.