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I do not feel sick, but I barely have energy to make it through the day. Usually I can make it well past midnight before going to bed, but since Sunday, I can barely make 23:30. It is just past that now and I can barely keep my eyes open.

I know that I have been wanting to change my sleeping pattern, but this is not how I expected it to happen. I have been feeling some weird sensations in my right hand and left foot, but it’s not the kind of discomfort that would translate into a pain that would tire me out like this.

I have spoken to my doctor and plan to book an appointment with a neurologist soon.

Sunday saw me have a bad upset stomach. Yesterday was fine, but today saw round two. It’s been way worse  than the usual kind, though I got on top of it with medication quickly each time. So, by mid morning, it was over, and I was cautious with food for the rest of the day. Now, like Sunday evening, I am ravenously hungry, yet I know I should not over eat.

Try tell my stomach that. Mind over matter. Yeah right…