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The children are both very well. Both have fallen asleep already, after what must have been a very busy day. Sadly, neither of them bothered to tell me about the mischief they got up to.

For those of you that don’t know, I do not have human kids. I only have the four-legged variety. One of which insists on taking a leisurely stroll across my desk to reach her food on top of the fridge.

Yanky is fast asleep and not up to his usual tricks tonight. Often, he will demand attention while I am online. He sits next to me, with his chin on the arm of my chair. When I start patting his head, he rears up, and puts a paw on either side of me and smothers me in kisses as I stroke him. The more I lean back for space, the more he leans forward, looking for more attention. Sometimes, I swear that if he were able to, he would be sitting in my lap!

He is doing a lot better in the bus, and even lies down during some trips in the morning. I am not sure why the afternoon trips should be any different, but at least he is relaxing more.

This afternoon, I gave him a whole egg for the first time. It was quite funny watching him figure out what to do. He carefully dropped it on the grass and checked it out. Somehow, he cracked it and then licked it a little. Then, the silly nutcase decided to flop down on top of it and roll over! Of course, he crushed it and it went all over his fur. I caught him before he messed too much and encouraged him to investigate it again. He was cautious at first, but ended up finishing the yolk and most of the shell.

Other than that, there is not too much to report. The weather is getting warmer, so I need to put his splash pool up in the garden again. Thankfully, we have no carpets, so there will never be the problem of wet dog in the house 🙂