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I had a very slow Saturday today. Since Hercie is in Cape Town, with Winnie to help her, and Cynthia is on leave, I had to get up early to bath. A couple hours later, I was back in bed where I lost another four hours to the sleep monster. I must have needed it, for I felt better after.

I still did not feel totally right, though, until later in the afternoon. I finally figured out that it was dehydration after having a good drink of flavoured water from my fridge.

I did not do too much this evening, besides watch a few episodes of series. I followed up on a link that someone gave me on Twitter, but did not see any ads that caught my attention. I’ve bookmarked the site and plan to check back regularly. I’m sure to find something to suit what I am looking for. There are a couple more friends that I want to get in touch with as well.

Things will start happening now, I hope.

I made a couple small changes to my blog. Yanky is now featured on the “My Pets” page. I also added the two new pictures of Gemma to her gallery. I really need to get stuck in tomorrow and make all the necessary updates. They are long overdue