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… late December back in ’63. What a very special time for me.

Oh yeah. That is an awesome song and it was one of the many tracks that I played tonight as an online DJ. Oh, what a night indeed! It. Was. Awesome!

Phoenix Radio is celebrating its 3rd anniversary this weekend. As I write this, we are in the second half of a marathon DJ session. I was on for an amazing five hours. I played a bit of everything, from dance, to metal, oldies, even some country.

I posted a few tweets, and a message on FaceBook, so had a record of about 16 listeners tune in, including my Mom and family in England. Keep an eye on the blog, and I will let you know the times of my regular sets. Yes, I do plan to do this more often. It was fun, albeit tiring.

I don’t remember how my arm got twisted into doing this. I don’t think I even put up much of a protest to begin with! I know I don’t have a great voice. But heck, end of the day, it’s about music and having a good time.

I learned several things. I need to sort my music better. I need more, too. Drink a lot, or have sweets, to keep the throat from going dry. Play 2-3 songs in a row. The less you talk, the longer your voice lasts. Oh, and plan ahead better. Having about 40min of songs lined up for for a 4-hour set means you going to be scrambling and guessing what to play next a lot.

Would I do it all that way again? Of course. The odds are quite good that I will go into my next set almost equally unprepared. It is fun. The music is great and it keeps my mind active. What more reason to go back for more?