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Do I really need to go into detail when you should be watching the show already? Though maybe you should actually have heard about it to know something about it to want to watch it. Hope I did not confuse you there. For the short – or boring – version of why you should watch the show, check IMDB.

And no, it has nothing to do with the fact that Adam is a guest star in the series. I would still be watching it without him in it. But, I will admit that I would not have known about the show had I not been following his new acting career. For those that do not know, Adam Copeland is better known as retired WWE Superstar, Edge.

Another small admission, while we are at it. I was quite disappointed with Adam’s first performance in this series. I had fallen for that age-old trap of typecasting an actor. Based on what I had seen on YouTube and Sanctuary, I was expecting a character that drew and commanded attention. Instead, his character was average, for want of a better description. He wore casual clothes, had an average job and did not do anything to steal the limelight from Haven’s lead actors.

After chatting to a friend and watching that episode again, I gained a new understanding and could agree that he played the part very well. Now, as the second season draws to a close, I cannot imagine a third season without him there.

There are still about three weeks left, before we are left wondering when or if there will be a third season  ..

You are still wondering what the heck Haven is all about and why I cannot get enough of the show. It is all about the supernatural – the things that cannot always be explained. Like X-Files, Twilight Zone, and all those, but in a class all of its own. Haven is just unique. It cannot be compared to anything else.

The one thing that sticks in my mind is the violence factor. Compared to many other shows, this one has almost none. Instead, the show relies on a great team of writers and producers to come up with a brilliant storyline – loosely based on Stephen King’s “The Colorado Kid”.

The cast of this show deserve special mention. Haven would lose that special shine if anybody had to be replaced. Lead and supporting cast. I cannot imagine anybody else in the roles played. The production team did a brilliant job.

So you have read all my gushing about how brilliant the show is and you have no idea what it’s about. Now you see my problem. I just cannot put my finger on any one reason why the show is so great. You have to watch it for yourself. Hopefully, together, we can answer some burning questions.

Like, does Duke (Eric Balfour) snap out of “it”? Does Audrey (Emily Rose) make another love connection? If so, with whom? And the one that I really want to know … Will we ever see Nathan (Lucas Bryant) smile again?