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I actually do not want to go to work tomorrow, but I have been off three days already. At least, if I go in, and leave early, it won’t count as a day’s sick leave.

Since I have been feeling sick and sleeping a lot since weekend, there is not much to write about. I do have a story idea, which I wanted to write on Sunday, but that sinus infection said otherwise.

There is no more news, as yet, to when I will next do a DJ set. I want to be thinking clearly before I make any commitments. I did an extra two hours on Sunday, to fill in for one of the guys. I did not want to go for longer, in case I tired myself out.

I started sorting through some old music which Nate gave me a while back. I am amazed at some gems that I have found. Quite sure I’ll get listeners cringing and wondering where I found some of the stuff.

I am looking forward to my next set 🙂