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Haven has got to be my most favourite show ever. Based on supernatural phenomenon, it is a series which falls into a category all on its own. It is loosely based on Stephen King’s “The Colorado Kid” and follows the trio of Nathan Wournos, Audrey Parker and Duke Crocker as they investigate strange events that happen in their Nova Scotia town.

You really have to watch this series to fully appreciate it. Nathan is also one of the “troubled”, as they call the people to whom unfortunate incidents occur. He has a disorder which makes him immune to most physical feelings and emotion. He cannot feel it when he gets hurt and it is almost like he has not cracked a smile this whole series.

I swear that the writers for  this series are using this to their full advantage. Every episode lately has a scene with Nathan in and watching him say his lines with such a deadpan face makes it even more funny than ever.

Take this scene from last week’s episode. Audrey (played  by Emily Rose) comes out of the shop with a cup of coffee. Nathan (Lucas Bryant) comments:
Nathan: Third cup of coffee.
Audrey: Yeah, I know.
Nathan: Sleeping at all?
Audrey: Mmm, a couple hours a night. I’m good, though. I’m getting a lot of stuff done, and you?
Nathan: I didn’t just go through a break-up.
Audrey: You did just get demoted. There was anarchy at the police station and the new Police Chief died right in front of you.
Nathan: Yeah. But I didn’t just go through a break-up.

That must have been the funniest scene I have seen yet. Both kept a straight face the entire time. I would never be able to do that.

And what is with the comment about Dwight (Adam Copeland / Edge) looking like a Viking, being called a bullet magnet, and Duke (Eric Balfour) calling him a Sasquatch? This is all in one episode.

These writers have a hectic sense of humour. Reading those lines is one thing. They have to be acted out on camera too. I feel sorry for Lucas, and anyone that has to act in a scene with him. Trying to keep a straight face must be so difficult. I do not envy them their job. Especially with someone like Eric Balfour around. I follow him on Twitter and he has a healthy sense of humour. It would not surprise me if someone locked him in his trailer before Lucas starts shooting his scenes.

It won’t be long until the next episode is aired. Eric tweeted that if Haven’s ratings continue to be good, he will release a gag reel. Really hope this happens. I would love to see it!